Fall, Football & Al fresco Dining. Are you Ready?

Considering the "Dog Days of Summer" are here... I most likely imagined the quick cool breeze I felt, as I was enjoying the sunset last night.  None the less, that quick cool breeze took me and my thoughts off to times of cooler weather.  Which is why I have fall, football, & Al fresco dining on my mind.  (I just love the word "Al fresco", don't you?!)  

In the South, fall & football not only go together like peanut butter & jelly, but together they bring family, friends, food, & good times.  I was thinking about the huge weather window the Gulf Coast, gives us... and then I asked myself, "Are you ready?".  

I believe the heart of an outdoor living space, starts with the outdoor kitchen.  Food has been bringing people together since the beginning of time.  There's nothing like enjoying a meal outdoors or having all of the comforts of an indoor kitchen, while surrounded by nature.    (FYI.. Not only is an outdoor kitchen good to enjoy family, friends, & food in... but an outdoor kitchen can increase your home's value.) 

Like all rooms, the outdoor kitchen requires design, purpose, and upkeep.  Find the best possible position for the outdoor grill and dinning table.  Make a connection between your house & landscape, by using materials that compliment your house or patio selections and incorporate architectural details, such as a pergola to define the space and connect the house.  

How much entertaining do you plan on?  How large do you expect your gatherings to be?  Just by answering these two simple questions, your outdoor oasis will begin to come together.

Did you know, there is a whole world of outdoor appliances out there?  It is definitely not just grills anymore!  From beverage centers, wine refrigerators, ice makers, kegerators & beer taps, pizza ovens, garbage disposals & dishwashers....  I am talking, a H-U-G-E world of outdoor appliances!

What is any kitchen without cabinets or countertops?  Good thing the world of custom cabinetry is endless, and your cabinet layout is to your heart's desire.  Choose a countertop surface that will withstand the outdoor elements & spills.  (*Food for thought, natural stone or concrete requires a sealant; whereas granite does not.) 

An outdoor kitchen helps you to slow down and spend more time with family and friends... an outdoor kitchen puts all of the ingredients for a perfect "Al fresco" dining experience, in your backyard.

Is your outdoor living area all that you have ever dreamed for it to be?  No?  What are you waiting for?  There is no better time than now.  Loper Construction, can build your custom outdoor kitchen from start to fire up.

Until next time.  Wishing you a week filled with lots of smiles & sunshine!

Much love~