How about a Splash of Color in your Kitchen?

There is nothing I love more than a classic white kitchen with pops of color added!

Of course it took me many, many years of horrible kitchen make-overs to realize this.  

Remember the tv series "Martin", that ran from 1992-1997?  Yes?.. Now think back to the teal & purple kitchen cabinets that adorned the background of Martin's apartment.  

Are you there yet?  Now you can picture what was probably my biggest kitchen make-over FAIL!  Although, at the time.. and only for a very short time... It was pretty cool! HaHa! 

I surely wasn't scared of bright & bold colors then, and I'm still not today.  Only, these days I like to use color as an accent and not for my entire kitchen pallet! LOL!!

What about you?  Have you been wanting to add some color to spice up your kitchen?  Not sure where to start?

Check out the inspirations that HGTV shares with us, 

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