Let's Conquer Summertime Home Maintenance

Summertime is a season filled with all kinds of exciting & fabulous activities...  Sunny beach days, backyard barbecues, fun fishing trips, just to name a few.  With all of the fun in the sun, it is easy to forget to add "Summer Home Maintenance", to your to-do list.  

Home Maintenance, is crucial to your home's well being.  Sometimes the thoughts of "home maintenance", can become very overwhelming.  I suggest the same advice, as so many other professionals do; Break your home's maintenance schedule into seasons... Summer, Fall, Winter, & Spring.     

If you haven't already thought about it, summer is the perfect time for serious preventative maintenance on the exterior of your home.  Here are just a few tips for refreshing & maintaining your home.

  • Power Wash
  1.  It is always a great feeling when your home feels fresh and clean.  Not only on the inside, but on the outside as well.  Rent a power washer and using a gentle detergent you can easily clean your home's exterior.  Power washing gets rid of dirt, tree sap, mold, and anything else that is keeping your home from shining.

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  • You have just finished washing the exterior of your home, and it feels great!  If the exterior of your home is painted, now is the best time to check for blistering and/or cracking paint.  This should be addressed as soon as possible, as these issues can eventually lead to other problems, such as wood rot.  If you find that your exterior has a large amount of flaws, you might want to consider repainting your entire home.  Talk about having the freshest house on the block!

2.    While you have the power washer out & ready... Don't forget about your deck!  Dirt build-up & dead wood fiber can give your deck a drab appearance.  By power washing your deck, you can remove this old dirt & build-up.  Meanwhile plan on applying a new coat of deck sealer.  This will prevent your deck from graying & also stops cracking and splitting of the wood.  

Revive Your Home's Exterior

  • Clean Gutters
  1. Cleaning out your home's gutters, is not just a spring or fall job.  Gutters should be checked monthly for debris.  A clogged gutter can cause water damage to a home when rainwater backs up over the gutter and washes over the side of your house.

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  • Check Dryer Vents
  1. Your dryer vents are very easily overlooked & forgotten.  According to the US Fire Administration, approximately 16,000 dryer fires occur annually.  They could have all been avoided by, cleaning out the dryer vents.  So, grab your vacuum, or vent cleaning brush and clean out your dryer vent tubing.  By removing as much lint & dust as possible, you can keep you home safe from dryer vent hazards.

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  • While you're tackling the lint & dust in your dryer vents, go ahead and vacuum & clean all air vents, and replace all of your AC filters.

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These home maintenance suggestions, are all fairly easy work that can and will improve the condition of your home.  Who doesn't want a fresh & clean look?  You will even save money in the long run.  By scratching off a few home maintenance items from your list, you are adding to the longevity of your home.


Until next time.  Wishing you lots of smiles & sunshine!

Much Love~