Fall Flowers

Yes.  Fall Flowers.  

Let's just say that you don't enjoy the season of Fall.

I know, I know... what?! who?!  I'm only being hypothetical here.

I know how to change your mind!

Fall Flowers!  

Everyone loves flowers.  Flowers have a way of bringing us a feeling of happiness, lifting our spirits when they're down, & making us feel a little better.

I guess there is truth to be told in the old, but not forgotten saying...

Flower Power.

Be sure to check out the collection of fall flowers that Houzz has shared with us.  These are Perfect flowers for Fall!

Oh No! Loper Construction Needs Your Help!

Loper Construction needs your help!  One of our own, Mrs. Amanda Johnson, has been arrested and will be put up in jail for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), on August 13.

She is, without a doubt guilty for her charge of "Having a Big Heart"!  

Amanda, is our office manager and has been a part of Loper Construction, since 2004.  Our office needs her here and not behind bars!  I don't think we can make it without her... In fact I know we won't be able to make it without her here!

Please help us raise Amanda's bail!  Visit the link below to learn more about this cause and donate to help us get Amanda back to work!!  


Wishing you lots of smiles & sunshine~


Loper Construction Launches New Website & Joins the World of Blogging

Oh My!  I am thrilled over the changes, that have been going on around here!  TODAY, our new website is up & we officially enter the world of "Blogging"!

I have so much I want to share with you.  New home stories & photos, home maintenance tips, terrific design ideas, the latest news of new building materials, behind the scene happenings and the amazingly talented people behind the action, community news & events, and some things... just for fun.

Be sure to check back on Tuesday mornings, to see what's new

Until then, wishing you a weekend filled with lots of smiles & sunshine!

Much Love