"Porchin" aka Porch Time.

Yes.  I said "Porchin".  If you live in the south, you should know all about "Porchin", aka Porch Time... and just in case you don't, it's time to learn.

There's something to be said about southerners and our porches...  they are definitely a necessity. 

If the kitchen is the heart of our home, the porch is it's soul.  Inside the house is where the tasks of daily living (that seems to always grow), get checked off the list.  Porchin' is how we are able to return to those things that really matter.

exterior porch

A porch is where time slows down.  It's our escape from the hustle & bustle of life. 

Exterior Back Porch

It's where we can sit with friends & family and catch up & reminisce.

Exterior Wrap Around Porch

It's where we can sip on & enjoy a cold glass of sweet ice tea, a hot cup of coffee, or even something a bit stronger;)


It's where sunrises & sunsets can be watched. 


It's where the breeze can be felt, and where our worries & troubles from the day can melt away.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, and your "to do" list growing every day... don't forget to take a little porch time for yourself!  I promise a little "Porchin" is all you'll need to stay stress free.

Until Next time...

Much love.